Sandro Gamba pulls Olimpia Milano’s ears.

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“The worrying fact is that this Armani is still undecipherable.”

Author, in the Milan edition of ‘Repubblica,’ of the editorial ‘Tiri Liberi,’ titled ‘I saw again those problems I thought had been overcome,’ Olimpia Milano and Italian basketball legend Sandro Gamba spoke extensively about the Milanese team’s progress in this part of the season.

The member of the prestigious Hall of Fame did not mince words in analyzing the problems encountered by Ettore Messina’s roster: ‘After one round in the league and one in the Euroleague, the worrying fact is that this Armani is still indecipherable. It casts serious doubts on its consistency. And it struggles to attack. In the Euroleague, where now all defenses are organized and physical, and also in Italy, where opponents are learning to put pressure on it in the half-court game,” he pressed.

“A principle of mine when I was coaching was that when my team could not develop speed play, I would put at least four reliable shooters on the floor at the same time. This Armani almost never can put them together. I hope there is still time to work on that,” Gamba concluded.

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