Matteo Berrettini, painful confession: ‘I was afraid I would burst’

©Getty Images

A difficult and painful moment, during which he feared he might collapse.

Matteo Berrettini spoke to ATP Tour microphones, returning to the most delicate stages of his difficult 2022. A year in which he was mowed down by injuries, and in which he feared that his pain would be immortalized forever. And that the whole world would witness his emotional breakdown.

Indeed, it was during the darkest period of his injury that Berrettini collaborated with Netflix to record the documentary series ‘Break Point,’ which will be released starting Jan. 13. “It was a very tough phase for me to go through. And the thought I had most often was that I would rather not have them around. I was afraid to burst into tears, but in general I didn’t want to talk to anyone,” the Roman tennis player explained.

“In 2022 I faced my first real surgery since I have been playing tennis,” Berrettini recalled. “This caused me feelings that I had never faced before. But then I thought that I always show up cheerful and fit, but it is important that we also know the most difficult moments that can happen in this sport.”

“In the end showing that everything is authentic is the best thing. People this way have a way to understand who we really are, and the fact that the tennis world is real and not artifactual,” Berrettini concluded.

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