Tommaso Giacomel in the footsteps of Dorothea Wierer

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Biathlon, results

Tommaso Giacomel continues to keep himself in the top positions of World Cup races by taking a brilliant fifth place in the men’s individual event that opened the fifth stage on the German track in Ruhpolding. The 22-year-old from Trentino of the Fiamme Gialle strung together his third consecutive race in the top six positions, ending his best performance over the distance with one mistake and a delay of 47″6 from the impregnable Johannes Thignes Boe, once again winner for the eighth time this season out of eleven races, despite making two mistakes.

However, the 2′ handicap inflicted by the competition rules were not enough to take away his success, which came with a time of 48’48″4 ahead of compatriot Vetle Christiansen, second at 9″9 albeit with one less error, while Slovenia’s Jakov Fak finished third at 29″3 with zero errors, the only one of the lot along with Romania’s Flore. The performance of the other registered Azzurri was less brilliant: Daniele Cappellari finished 52nd with three errors, Didier Bionaz 54th with five errors and Patrick Braunhofer 59th with four errorsand Daniele Fauner 93 simo with six errors. David Zingerle did not start due to a feverish condition. The overall standings see Boe firmly in the lead with 869 points, followed by Laegreid with 725 and Christiansen with 428. Giacomel moves up to 16th place with 282 points. The women’s individual is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 12, at 2:10 p.m.

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