Cantù, Meo Sacchetti charges his team for high-stakes challenge

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Brianzoli coach charges his

Meo Sacchetti presented the challenge of Sunday, January 15, which will see Cantù engaged on Treviglio’s parquet: a high-stakes challenge that between the two Lombardy teams that occupy the first and second position in the league standings, with the Brianzoli leading the way, six points behind Alessandro Finelli’s men.

“It will be a challenging match, as they are also coming from a good winning streak. I trust in a good crowd, which has always been important in these months and has helped us play good basketball. We must try to take the court by showing off our strengths,” explained the former Italian national team coach.

Finally a look at the opponents, veterans of five consecutive league victories: “Treviglio has several experienced players, such as Cerella and Brian. Now they have also added Vitali, while American guard Clark has grown a lot in this first part of the season. Giuri, a very physical player who had some problems in the first leg, should also be there. We are doing well and have no aches and pains, training is continuing with good intensity.”

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