Enea Bastianini explains his no to Valentino Rossi

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Ducati centaur Enea Bastianini reveals, “He would have wanted me but I wanted to bet on Gresini.”

Ducati centaur Enea Bastianini in an interview with La Repubblica returned to talk about Valentino Rossi and his choice to say no to VR46 in the past: “Relations are good, they would have wanted me with VR46 and at the Ranch in Tavullia I will have gone 5-6 times. I chose Gresini, though. Maybe it was a risk, it paid off.”

“A beautiful chapter in my life, which has closed,” he said, speaking of the Gresini team. “It is important to be in the ideal situation to blossom, but then you have to figure out what is the best situation for your future.

On his relationship with Pecco Bagnaia: “We have known each other since we were children, and for the first time we are in the same team. I respect him, I will have a lot to learn. He will be my first opponent, though. Did they applaud me more in Bologna than him? Bagnaia also has many fans. I think many people like me because I want to excite people, to transmit what I feel: without looking too much at form. In an era that doesn’t allow you too much to be yourself, I try anyway.”

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