Marc Marquez, Danilo Petrucci sour: “Absurd what they say.”

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Marc Marquez, Danilo Petrucci sour: “Absurd what they say.”

Former MotoGp centaur Danilo Petrucci in an interview with Mowmag was very clear talking about Marc Marquez’s crisis: “I say that his is not a good situation. But again, it makes me smile a little bit who says that Marquez is finished or things like that: the talent of Marquez is inhuman and to think that he doesn’t have any more so suddenly is absurd.”

“He is coming to terms with what he has had to go through in the last three years on a physical level, but from that point of view it seems to me that his recovery is now complete, although clearly nothing can ever be the same again. The problem, there, is the bike: the gap of Honda and Yamaha compared to Ducati and the other Europeans is there for all to see.”

On the 93’s possible farewell to Honda: “To go where? Free saddles it seems to me there are none. KTM? I don’t think so. Also because it seems to me that KTM has already done the math without the innkeeper and ends up with more riders than bikes. Maybe there may have been some contact, but frankly I think Marc Marquez will stay where he is.”

“There is a contract with penalties of no small amount involved, as well as a pharaonic salary, and the gamble would definitely be very high for everyone. He for one. Honda, if it wants to, has tools and resources to get the bike right, and I think that’s what they’re doing, with Marquez already seeming to be in a different mood at Silverstone: less aggressive and more focused on studying the bike’s behavior on the track.”

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