Reyer Venezia, De Raffaele adamant: “More attention to detail”

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Reyer was defeated in Eurocup.

Walter De Raffaele’s Reyer Venezia was defeated in France by Bourg-en-Bresse, in the game worth the 11th day of the Eurocup. The orogranata succumbed with a score of 86-79 against the transalpine team, which is now at the lone lead in Group A.

“First of all congratulations to Bourg who deserved the victory.The difference in energy was crucial, we came to this match from a really tough game played 48 hours ago. As long as we had energy and lucidity to execute what we had prepared we were competitive in every situation,” said the coach of the Venetians.

“We shared the ball well with 17 team assists, building good shots, but missing a lot of open ones. In the last part of the game the low energy led to less attention to detail, even on lost and loose ball situations, and as a result we suffered in one-on-ones. We struggled, though; we have to think about recovering energy and players, off and on the court. Now we work to prepare for the next game,” De Raffaele then continued.

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