John McEnroe, merciless criticism of Matteo Berrettini

©Getty Images

Former U.S. champion drastic: “His backhand is kryptonite to his career.”

Matteo Berrettini was harshly criticized by John McEnroe after his Australian Open first-round loss to Andy Murray. The former U.S. champion certainly did not hold back his blows to the microphones of Eurosport: “His backhand is kryptonite for him and his career.”

“His game revolves around his serve, he was unlucky with injuries last year, and that affected him,” McEnroe continued. “I think he’s still looking for confidence and better form. He remains one of the players you don’t want to meet in the early rounds of the competition, we’ll see him compete at a high level again, but he needs to get his confidence back, he’s lost it right now.”

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