Carlos Sainz at Ferrari kept a 15-year-old promise

©Getty Images

A work that represents the fulfillment of a promise he made to himself as a child.

Carlos Sainz opens the book of memories. During an interview with a Ferrari sponsor, the Spaniard told of his first approach with a single-seater of the Prancing Horse. He was still a child, but on that very day he realized he had a dream: to return to Maranello as a driver.

“I remember the moment when I first saw the seat of a Ferrari,” explained Sainz. “It was 2005, so I was only 10 years old, when I first saw a Formula 1 car live. I was particularly impressed that it was so sharp, it had really sharp corners and the ailerons were full of tiny details. But that, compared to how they looked on television, they looked much bigger.”

“I remember seeing the Ferrari, and immediately realizing that that red single-seater was something unique,” Sainz added. “It was really special, and I remember saying to myself that maybe one day I would be there. And now, fifteen years later, I was able to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 Ferrari.”

It is a memory that has stayed with Sainz ever since he was chosen to take Sebastian Vettel’s place at Maranello. “When I first got into the Ferrari, my memory went immediately to that day. And when they prepared the seat for the 2020 season for me it was a dream come true,” the Spanish driver confided.

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