Lazio, only a draw in Verona

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Verona-Lazio 1-1

A fair 1-1 draw at the Bentegodi between Zafferoni’s Verona and Sarri’s Lazio. A great goal by Pedro at the end of the first half made the biancazzurri dream of third place by overtaking Roma (41 points) in the standings, new signing Ngonge at the beginning of the second half put Hellas back on the road to salvation. Standings: Verona 14, Lazio 39. Next round: Hellas Verona-Salernitana (Feb. 13, 6:30 p.m.) and Lazio-Atalanta (Feb. 11, 8:45 p.m.).

First half. Immediately outlined the tactical theme: Lazio ahead, Hellas defensively ready to restart. Montipò foils a dangerous corner, putting his fists on it (5′). Milinkovic-Savic comes on: free kick from the edge not far from the cross (10′). The Romans rack up several kicks from the penalty corner already in the first quarter of the hour, the Verona rearguard managing to foil them with difficulty. It takes 17 minutes for Verona’s first conclusion: Ngonge to the line from outside, Provedel clears, Doig breaks in, ball to the stars but the Scot was offside. Hellas takes the field, the usual Ngonge from the edge, this time his shot goes wide (24′). On the edge of the offside line. Immobile sprints on the edge of offside, takes off on the left but kicks into the corner. Race now open, Lasagna on valuable service from the left by Ngonge, hits a shot, a defender pushes it away with his body. On the other front Immobile, under-half, finds himself a golden ball, good for the Scaligeri that the center forward kicks weakly into Montipò’s arms. Accurate Deèaoli’s parabola, directed into the corner, Provedel sees it off at the last, managing to deflect it into the corner. On the offside line Pedro also sprints, who, obstructed, kicks it over the crossbar. 45′: Pedro first “puts the Gialloblù defenders to sleep” in the middle of the area with a couple of great plays, then invents a splendid parabola that slips into the corner to Montipò’s right: Hellas-Lazio 0-1.

Start of the second half and Hellas gets it back: great break by Ngonge, ball in the net: Hellas-Lazio 1-1. Verona unleashed: great parabola signed Lazovic, resounding post (7′). 11′: another Hellas chance, the lead goes through the feet of Doig on one-on-one with Provedel, again miraculous in the corner (12′). Sarri inserts Vecino as Lazio staggers. Lasagna enters the area, obstructed falls, for the referee all regular. The biancazzurri try again: former Zaccagni goes off on the left and centers, Immobile doesn’t get there. Pedro, always Pedro, a thorn in the side, bowls into the middle, good for the Gialloblù that there is no comrade in the middle. In comes another one in Verona, new signing Gaich, in Lazio Anderson. Doig from the edge, ball over the crossbar. Lazio has woken up, game now on the line. Verona: in comes Ceccherini and another new purchase Abildgaard (34′). Pushes Lazio without being able to break through the Verona rearguard. Sulemana also in for Hellas (41′). Six minutes of recovery time. Lazio tries until the end. Triple whistle: Verona-Lazio 1-1.

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