Pep Clotet exonerated by Brescia: the second time in a month and a half

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A further reversal after the one that already came less than a month ago.

Pep Clotet has been exonerated by Brescia, for the second time in a single season and in just a month and a half. The Catalan coach had already been relieved of his duties on Dec. 21, 2022, only to return to the Rondinelle on Jan. 16 after two games in which Alfredo Aglietti had been the white-blue coach.

“Brescia Calcio announces that it has relieved Pep Clotet from the post of coach of the first team. Tomorrow afternoon’s training will be directed by Davide Possanzini,” reads the terse official note issued Monday by the Lombard club.

“After a day of meetings and reflections followed by technical discussions, and given the temporary unavailability of the Sporting Director due to personal health reasons, Brescia Calcio has decided to reassign the technical guidance of the First Team to Pep Clotet,” had been instead the previous statement. Since that January 16, the biancazzurra formation has played and lost three matches in Serie B: at home with Frosinone and Como and then last Saturday in Perugia.

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