Ducati, Tardozzi has no more doubts about Bagnaia

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Tardozzi has no more doubts about Bagnaia

Davide Tardozzi made some statements to ‘Speedweek’ in which he emphasized Pecco Bagnaia’s growth: “I realized it in the last year, especially in the season finale. At the beginning of 2022 he made too many mistakes because he wanted too much. By now he has realized that it doesn’t work that way, especially in view of the new season, where there will be 42 races. He has confidence in himself, he has reached the point where he knows what he can do and what he cannot do. That’s why I’m quite relaxed about 2023.”

The Ducati team manager also spoke about Enea Bastianini, Bagnaia’s new teammate: “He’s a curious guy who likes to have fun, whether it’s with friends on minimotos or in a MotoGP race. But there is pressure in Ducati, because the only goal is to win. But we are not the ones who put pressure: it’s the same in the official Yamaha and Honda teams.”

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