NBA sensation, Kevin Durant goes to play in Phoenix

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KD aims to win his third title with the Suns

Sensational. After the trade involving Irving (ended up in Dallas), the Nets also say goodbye to Durant. The two-time NBA Champion (in a Golden State Warriors jersey) is a new player for the Phoenix Suns, as confirmed by ESPN.

The Nets traded Durant and Warren to the Suns in exchange for Bridges, Johnson, Crowder, four first-round draft picks and a future possibility of trading draft picks. KD, back in the summer, let it be known that the idea of playing in Phoenix really tickled him. Now he will have a chance to play to take home his third NBA ring alongside CP3, Booker and Ayton. It will be up to Coach Williams to bring all the stars together.

Also of note, still in the trade business, is Westbrook’s move to the Utah Jazz. Mr. triple-double leaves Los Angeles where he never fully convinced. Russell returns to the Lakers.

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