Spal: De Rossi, announcement on Giuseppe Rossi and clear words on La Mantia

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De Rossi spoke on the eve of the league match against Venezia: “Nainggolan starting, it’s not a tiebreaker”

Serenity returns to Spal: coach Daniele De Rossi appeared in a press conference with Fabio Lupo on the eve of the match against Venezia. “I know well how my statements can cause a stir. It’s been 24 years that I’ve been in soccer at important levels, and I think I’m able to assess how and when to intervene. In recent days I have had the opportunity to talk and clarify with the Director and also with the President. It is unthinkable that every choice can be shared in toto, but the important thing is to find ourselves working together with the same goal, and this is what we are doing, with great determination, even in preparation for the Venice match.”

De Rossi does not want to hear talk of last resort: “I hear talk of a playoff, I would say important match, but not decisive. There are still 15 days left until the end of the championship. As far as I am concerned, I am satisfied with how the newcomers are coming into the group. I see them growing physically as well. Nainggolan’s talents, on the field and in the locker room, lead me to consider him a decisive element. In Venice he will start as a starter, if he performs as he has in this period, there will always be a place for him.”

Regarding the attack and La Mantia: “Since I have been in Ferrara he has played fourteen games, even in Reggio Calabria I had included him in the starting lineup, from which he was excluded only because it seemed likely that he would be transferred. I certainly do not see his coexistence with Moncini well. Playing with a single point La Mantia is always included in the ballot with other teammates who can be used in this role anyway. If I were to opt for the two strikers one has to be a crazy horse attacking the spaces.”

Then he makes an announcement about Giuseppe Rossi, who is training with the Estensi and could be signed soon: “Speaking of offensive players, I must emphasize the exponential growth of Rossi, for Venice, however, he will not be among the summoned players.”

The message to the fans: “We owe a great debt to our fans who ooze with passion for the team of their city, although I would also like more participation from those who follow us not from the curve. It is wonderful to perceive how soccer in Ferrara is Spal-tagged. Juve, Milan, Inter and company almost do not exist.”

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