VR46, Luca Marini: “Very high level”

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Valentino Rossi’s brother commented on the first day of MotoGp practice in Sepang.

Luca Marini commented on the first day of MotoGp practice in Sepang: “A good first day of testing: I immediately found the feeling of Valencia and I was fast are the words of the VR46 Racing Team rider -. We don’t have much to test and we preferred to concentrate all the bulk of the work on today’s day.”

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be a way to take care of race simulation and sprint race. Last year I could practically not race here, I retired right after the start and I have to make the most of this test to understand the degradation of the rear tire,” continued Valentino Rossi’s brother. “I also did some testing on the electronics level and a new throttle control that I am very happy with. Since I have been in MotoGP, I had not yet found a comfortable device for me, while I like this one very much. The level is very high, already today we dropped below 1.59 and there are over 15 riders all competitive.”

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