Juventus, fans tired of Paul Pogba: eight million for not playing

©Getty Images

To date, the Frenchman has been a total disappointment

In the summer, on the day of his arrival in Turin, the Juventus people were ecstatic. Several months later, Juventus fans are evidently tired of waiting for Pogba. Yet another stoppage has, again, postponed his return to the field, sending Old Lady fans into a rage.

Pogba has yet to play a single minute in this his second Bianconeri adventure and, even more seriously, every time he seems ready to take the field something always happens to postpone his return. In the meantime, Juventus continues to pay him his salary as is normal. It should be remembered that the French midfielder has a guaranteed contract of eight million euros, net, per season. A season, for now, spent watching others play.

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