Lisa Vittozzi, another medal on the way

©Getty Images

Vittozzi-Giacomel are bronze medalists at the World Championships in Oberhof

Lisa Vittozzi won another medal paired with Tommaso Giacomel in the mixed individual relay at the World Championships in Oberhof. The Azzurri finished on the lowest step of the podium, behind Austria (silver) and Norway (gold).

The skier from Veneto commented on the race this way, “It was a very good race, I really gave everything. I was in very good physical shape and I wanted to get another medal. It was really hard until the end, we got a bit of a scare with the last series but we made it and I am really happy about it.”

“It was great to have put my second rainbow medal around my neck, but I am sorry that I threw away the silver in the last series. I am very regretful, the wind kept shifting me. I thought it was like the one in the first series, but instead it was completely different and I couldn’t handle it. I am happy with the result, despite everything,” these are the words of Tommaso Giacomel instead.

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