Matteo Berrettini reaffirms his love for Roger Federer

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Matteo Berrettini comes clean about Roger Federer

Matteo Berrettini granted himself an interview in the episode “A day with…” produced by Red Bull and broadcast on Denis Tarantello’s You Tube channel. The Italian once again reiterated his love for Roger Federer: “I grew up rooting for Federer. I was there when he stopped, it was a crazy moment. Everyone was crying. When I faced him the first time I didn’t get it. The second one I lost but it was more of a fight. It was something too big, I never thought I would be in this situation. Federer is a person who always has the right word and always the right mood for any atmosphere and situation. Elegant would be a given. Basically he has a very deep self-knowledge and a great sensitivity.”

The Roman tennis player also had a chance to talk about the other two Big Three: “Nadal? Pure energy, a bull. When he enters a room you feel the energy he has on him. And when he tells something he did, whether he went fishing or golfing, it sounds like he’s telling you about the Punic Wars. He stands at six thousand, pure energy,” while on Novak Djokovic he said, “Djokovic is humanly alien. It’s impressive to see the stimulation he has after everything he’s done and the way he handles his body. Likewise Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, but he is the one who is perhaps the most distant in characteristics from what I am and that’s why I see him that way.”

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