Valentina Vezzali extols Mariaclotilde Adosini’s gesture

©Getty Images

The incident that happened in the Under-20 World Cup trial in France has gone around the world

Mariaclotilde Adosini, engaged in the women’s epee test in the Under-20 World Cup in Beauvais, France, stunned everyone. Engaged in the confrontation with Juliette Baudinot, the Azzurra had been declared the winner based, however, on a refereeing error that immediately came to light. On the score of 13-12 for her opponent in fact, the athlete from Bergamo had been awarded an extra hit in favor. Realizing the error, Adosini returned to the platform, only to lose the confrontation with the Frenchwoman. A gesture of which the protagonist herself has never regretted, defending the values of fairness and fair play that her family and staff have passed on to her.

“Very good Mariaclotilde. Such an episode never happened to me, but from sports I learned that there are rules that must always be respected. Hers was a beautiful example. Sports is also teaching for the lives of all of us. She was really good, but good above all were the teachers and coaches who did a beautiful job in transmitting the values of sport to her,” said Valentina Vezzali, former Olympic champion and former undersecretary of state at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for sports, proudly.

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