Sofia Goggia without filters: sincere admission of the champion

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Sofia Goggia returns to the complicated period leading up to the Crans Montana feat

It lasted 37 days (from January 20 to February 26) Sofia Goggia’s sports fast: a decidedly difficult period, characterized not only by a few too many smears in the World Cup, but also by the disappointment of the World Cup in Courchevel/Meribel. So much so that the Bergamasque had begun to harbor doubts about herself, as she herself revealed, on Instagram, in the aftermath of the Crans Montana feat.

“I closed my eyes and breathed deep,” Goggia began, “It’s hard to believe that glow of light when you’re groping in the dark. But you, your inner supports, always look for them within yourself and hold on to them, because they are what will guide you. Yesterday was a ‘blind’ victory, because running a downhill race in difficult conditions between snow and darkness with only one run behind (in which by the way I fell on the fifth gate, barely saving myself) would be difficult for anyone. Yet yesterday’s resolution for me was ‘simple’: when I have myself, I have everything.”

“So at the gate I closed my eyes,” continued the champion from Bergamo, “I felt myself inside, in that core of mine that only I can access, and I repeated to myself to stay on my feet, on my bearings, I repeated to myself to focus on those and nothing else…. I am very grateful for yesterday’s race and especially for finding myself again after a complicated period in which I even came to question whether I was still capable of finishing a race without making mistakes. Thank you to everyone. Next stop: Kvitfjell, Norway.”

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