F1, Lewis Hamilton: Usain Bolt pays tribute to British champion

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Usain Bolt pays tribute to Lewis Hamilton

First author of the ‘Icons’ column, introduced just days before the start of the 2023 World Cup by the official Formula 1 website, former Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt paid tribute to Lewis Hamilton, sharing what he thinks of the eight-time world champion.

“He is always focused and motivated. These are the qualities needed to be successful in any high-level sport. Whether it’s 100 meters or 100 kilometers, in sports you have to believe in yourself, to think that anything is possible. Lewis perfectly embodies this kind of mentality,” wrote the 100- and 200-meter-flat record holder.

“He is a winner off the track as well,” added Bolt, speaking of Hamilton. “We are examples, we can and should influence people in a positive way. No matter where you come from or the situation you were born into, everyone deserves a chance and must have the right support to succeed. I know Lewis does a lot of charity, he deserves respect for what he is doing. It’s also inspiring to see him paving the way for black drivers in Formula 1.”

Bolt also recalled sharing an in-car experience with Hamilton driving, in Austin in 2017: “He had turned the traction control off mid-lap, I begged him not to. It was crazy.”

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