Jacobs defeated again by Ceccarelli: “Kudos to him.”

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Marcell Jacobs still knocked out: ‘I was in pain but gave 110%’

Marcell Jacobs congratulated Samuele Ceccarelli after being defeated again by the Florentine athlete at the European Indoor Championships: “I knew Samuele would win a medal, I was hoping to be the one to win gold, but that’s okay, at least everything is in our house. Very good to him, I gave everything I had, but honor to him who got the best seasonal time at the continental level.”

To Rai Jacobs explains about not being at his best: “It’s a pain I had in the semifinals as well, but I didn’t think about it. I just decided to run. I gave 110 percent and now the head goes to the outdoor season and the World Championships. We can count on a very strong relay team, also considering the inclusion of someone like Ceccarelli.”

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