Spahija grooms his team, “Shooting without criteria, we should have been smarter.”

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Neven Spahija grooms his players

Neven Spahija, the coach of Reyer Venezia, grooms his players after the game with Dinamo Sassari. “When we made the partial that put us ahead by 9 points, we missed all the open shots and, despite Sassari being in the bonus, we failed to find a way to change the rhythm of the game and play smart, to find more free throws and not allow them to get back into the game,” he says. “In this way, instead of going to +12 or +15 by missing open shots, we continued to shoot without criteria and without changing the rhythm of the game, not playing more post-balance for example, despite them being in the bonus.

“We had to be smarter,” Walter De Raffaele’s successor reiterates.

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