NBA, Durant-Booker duo sends Dallas to the mat

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64 total points for Doncic and Irving

Many NBA contests played on the night. Spotlight on Dallas-Phoenix with outside success for the Suns 130-126. The Durant-Booker duo (73 total points) was decisive. On the other side Doncic’s 34 and Irving’s 30 were not enough. Thanks to this success Phoenix rises to 36 wins and 29 losses (33-32 record of the Mavs).

In the other games, of note was New York’s victory, after a double overtime, over Boston (131-129, 38 points by Quickley). Despite 27 points by Curry, Golden State surrendered to the LA Lakers, still without James (113-105). Orlando loses the challenge to Portland (122-119, 26 points by Italian-American Banchero). Bad misstep also for Utah, which is swept by OKC (129-119). For Fontecchio, five points in 16′ of play.

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