F1, Stefano Domenicali confident about Red Bull’s ambitions

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F1, Stefano Domenicali confident: “Their strength worries, but F1 history teaches that nothing can be taken for granted”

After the words of George Russell and Toto Wolff, Stefano Domenicali also spoke on the supremacy shown by Red Bull during the first race and the expectations for the rest of the season. In contrast to the two Mercedes exponents, the F1 president did not want to get too outspoken about the Milton Keynes-based team’s ambitions.

“The pace that Red Bull showed in the first race was incredible and it is a factor that worried the other teams and not a little. However, in my experience I have learned that one must always be very cautious, because the mistake is always there around the corner,” the words of the former Ferrari team principal reported by Sport Mediaset.

“We saw it last year, after three races there was a Ferrari that looked clearly superior to the others and then we know how the season ended. The history of F1 teaches us that nothing is a foregone conclusion. Races change from Sunday to Sunday. I think it is still early to make predictions, but I must admit that Verstappen will be very difficult to beat,” concluded Stefano Domenicali

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