Juventus, Dusan Vlahovic cannot fail against Freiburg

©Getty Images

The Serbian scored the last goal in the first leg match with Nantes

In today’s Europa League round of 16 match against Freiburg, the spotlight is on Vlahovic. The Serbian scored his last goal in the first leg of the play-off match with Nantes. After that goal, several anonymous games.

Detractors are pushing for his transfer at the end of the season but Allegri still blindly believes in the former Fiorentina forward (“I am happy with his performance”) who, in fact, will be in his place against the Germans. To date, Vlahovic has scored 10 goals this season (out of 24 total games). The Juventus people expect him to be able to make a difference, to the tune of goals, in this final stage of the season when goals carry more specific weight. Vlahovic can make no more mistakes if he wants to silence the critics.

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