Fernando Alonso doesn’t want to stop dreaming big

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Fernando Alonso’s words

Fernando Alonso hopes that what happened in the season opener was not a fluke: “We’ll see, I have the same feeling about testing, like everything is too good to be true but you always expect something to happen that makes you take a step back to reality. The performance feels real, so I’m curious to see how things will go in Jeddah and Australia. They are very different circuits with high-speed corners and little degradation. In Bahrain we were strong in areas that we may not find in Jeddah and Australia. So if we do well in the next two races, I think we will have a very good 2023.”

“When you finish 3rd in the first race, you know you will have 22 more opportunities this season,” he added to speedcafe.com. “I remember last year in Canada with wet qualifying we were on the front row with Alpine. In 22 races, and in different conditions, anything can happen. I will try to do my best to get this opportunity. Maybe we also need help from the top teams to get on the podium, like some retirements in front of us, and at that point it can be more than a podium. We hope for that as well.”

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