Matteo Berrettini doesn’t give it a rest: “How c… did I do?”

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Matteo Berrettini commented on his immediate defeat in Indian Wells.

Matteo Berrettini continues his bad moment: the Roman tennis player was eliminated in Indian Wells by Japanese Taro Daniel.

After the match, the Roman tennis player is already looking beyond but does not hide some irritation: “I also felt with several ups and downs, he played a very good match. The conditions were very heavy and I was struggling to play, to push, when I freed myself mentally I started to do better. I expected from the third to start with a little different energy and I wasn’t good enough to stick with him. I tried to fight with what I had but it was not enough,” are the words reported by Ubitennis.

The rain played a key role: “Let’s say in general it’s much colder in the evening so the balls go less and bounce less. After three games in the first set the balls were hallucinating stuff, I don’t know why they wear out so much, they just disintegrate and for my characteristics it’s not really the best. They’re kind of haunted matches, of the things that happen almost always happen at the moments that are a bit tricky.

“He was good two, three times in response, then I missed a stuff I don’t know how I ca…arola I did, I blinded myself with the lamppost, I couldn’t see anymore and I batted. After all that I put my head back down despite the fact that the tennis was not working so much I tried so much but it didn’t go.”

Good news from the physical: “It’s obvious when one gets injured then the preparation for the tournament is not optimal, but I definitely did not lose because of physical problems. At least one pro is there.”

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