Ivan Juric half satisfied

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Ivan Juric half satisfied

Despite the 2-0 victory against Lecce, Ivan Juric in the post-match press conference wanted to send a strong message to his team: “Today we did well by scoring with quality, but it was not a performance that exalted me. It was a well-managed game, but other times we played better. I’m satisfied with the desire the guys put in both during the week and during the match. It is right to involve everyone, even from the bench came a very good contribution.”

On Sanabria: “We know what he can give us and what he cannot give us, for example he cannot do what Nzola did against Inter, however he has other qualities that we have to exploit. We have modified his attack on goal and something positive has definitely clicked in him, the improvement is evident. We hope he can continue on this path to give even more.”

“I was so afraid to see similar matches from Lecce. He was always dangerous on the restarts but we were perfect in the defensive phase not allowing them any space. Ilic? He has to improve, he can be more dynamic and has so much room for improvement. He has to stay calm, work, and he will grow,” Juric concluded.

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