Igor Tudor saw a different Juventus

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The words of Igor Tudor

Igor Tudor spoke after the defeat against Juventus: "There were a few issues. We had a good first half and a bad second half. Juventus was different than three days ago, where we spent a lot. We had a little bit of problems and we gave up a little bit. The physicality of Juventus è was impressive and they put us under a little bit. The result forò keeps everything open for the return".

"What's the positive? A good first half and the personalityà of coming here to play. Isaksen did two practices with me. There'è people who è still tied to things of the past. It takes time. There'è been a difference that was felt especially in the second half".

"Casale did not sleep for two nights but had to come in. Three days ago we spent a lot of energy and it canè fit. Their motivation is important and the difference was è felt. I give kudos to my guys who put in a lot of effort. We will see what happens on the return", he finally revealed.

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