Massimiliano Allegri does not accept the booing

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The words of Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri spoke after the win against Lazio: "Refereeing decisions must be accepted, è it is useless to argue about what the referee whistles or does not whistle. It was important to return to victory and the boys did well, in the second half we accelerated and built several chances. The qualification discourse is not è closed, but we have to go back to thinking about the championship to fix the situation. Sorry for the booing for Alex Sandro, he won five Scudetti with Juventus and deserves respect. Tonight among other things he è entered very well".

" I have respect for the fans and the fans have to cheer on the team. A lot of things can be said, but under the level of commitment we never lacked. The boys tonight played as a team, with great humility and determination. They must enjoy it because they have richly deserved it".

"I when I say soccer è simple I really mean it: at halftime I said to try to run towards the opponent&#39s goal that some solution we would find. We have to fix the league one piece at a time to hit the set goal. This negative period è depended on everyone, primarily on me".

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