Fernando Alonso now gives the numbers

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Fernando Alonso freaks out

His 2023 got off to a great start with a third-place finish in Bahrain, and Fernando Alonso, who seems overjoyed to have landed at Aston Martin, now gives the numbers. “Am I aiming for the 100th podium? To the 33rd win? I aim for the third World Championship,” he says when interviewed by Canal+ France.

Fernando occupies the sixth position overall in terms of podiums achieved in his Formula 1 career. Leading the way is Britain’s Lewis Hamilton (191), followed by Germany’s Michael Schumacher (155) and Sebastian Vettel (122), France’s Alain Prost (106) and Finland’s Kimi Raikkonen (103). Ayrton Senna is seventh at 80 while Dutchman Max Verstappen, albeit very young, has already collected 78 and has the unforgettable Brazilian champion in his sights.

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