NBA, Jokic’s triple double isn’t enough. Denver knocked out against Brooklyn

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Denver falls against Brooklyn, New York breaks Lakers’ winning streak

Six games on NBA night. Narrow defeat for Denver against Brooklyn (122-120) thanks to Bridges’ 25 points. Yet another triple-double by Jokic (35p 20r 11a) was not enough to save his team. The combined 63 points of the Randle-Barrett duo gave the New York Knicks victory over the Los Angeles Lakers (112-108).

Fifth consecutive win for Phliadelphia, which wins at home over the Washington Wizards (112-93). Outside victories for Cleveland (114-108) and Oklahoma City (102-90) against Charlotte and San Antonio, respectively.

Finally, Trey Murphy III’s 41 points with 9 threes enabled New Orleans to get the better of Portland (127-110).

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