Sofia Goggia, words of a queen

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Sofia Goggia’s words

End-of-season balance sheet time for Sofia Goggia, who was second in Soldeu: “I tried to give my best in the race, I was a little abundant in the middle section where I wanted to cut more lines. I was never able to keep my left foot like I wanted to, coming out a little bit against the shoulder. I had a beautiful last part of the race, inspired by the video of the girls who had done it well in the last few days. It is still a track, as I had said before the race, not so congenial to my characteristics.”

“The downhills are over and this season, fall aside, the worst result was second place. It was a season where I was dominant in downhill, with 8 podiums out of 9 races, never coming out of second place. Great, now I put the focus on the super-giant. I am overjoyed to raise this cup, the result of many years of effort, and I take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped me, making a contribution to making this happen,” concluded the Bergamasque.

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