Mario Ghiacci lapidary on the playoff race

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Mario Ghiacci bluntly

Mario Ghiacci, general manager of Pallacanestro Trieste, spoke to the ‘Gazzetta di Reggio’ about the season and the ambitions of the Julian club, admitting that he does not identify reaching the playoffs as an obligatory goal.

“No, I don’t think there is a big margin for us,” Ghiacci said, “There are two teams that have made a run, Sassari and Brindisi, places are few and we are down 2-0 in the comparison with Venice, at 18 like us. We should always come one win ahead of Reyer, it won’t be so easy.”

Ghiacci then stressed the value of Saturday night’s challenge against Reggio Emilia in terms of salvation: “It’s very important,” he said, “If we win with Unahotels we go 2-0 in direct comparisons with them.

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