Paolo Banchero bluntly on Gianmarco Pozzecco’s national team

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The first pick in the 2022 Nba Draft doesn’t mince words

Paolo Banchero, the first pick in the 2022 Nba Draft with the Orlando Magic, fresh off his first four games in the world’s most famous league, gave an interview to ‘La Repubblica’.

The talented Italian citizen is maintaining more than enviable averages for a rookie, averaging almost 23 points, over 7 rebounds and 3 assists per game, despite the four losses suffered by the Florida franchise.

“Now I’m playing with the Magic and I’m really focused on what I’m doing. But I’m proud of my being Italian, of the name I bear, proud to be an Italian citizen. I saw a lot of Italians at the Garden cheering for me,” explained Banchero, about the choice that awaits him, between the Italian and U.S. national teams.

Then the class of 2002 pointed out the main difference between NBA and college: “There is a lot more physicality in the area, you have to take shots and go forward.”

Finally a comment on the first career appearance at Madison Square Garden: “Playing here is fun, seeing all those people, the cheering. Mom and Dad were also in the stands, it was nice.”

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