Sergio Rodriguez blunt about Olimpia Milano: “They have to believe in the playoffs.”

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Sergio Rodriguez confident: ” Milan can make it to the playoffs.”

Olimpia Milano will face Real Madrid on Thursday, March 16 in the 29th round of the Euroleague. Two-way ball is scheduled for 8:45 p.m. On this match and the ambitions of the Red Shoes, former player Sergio Rodriguez spoke to the microphones of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

“Among the many memories two have remained well impressed on me. The ugliest one surely was the Covid period that generated fear and insecurity not only in sports. The most beautiful is the Scudetto, the three-year milestone in a city and a club that has done so much for me and my family. Milan and Olimpia will always be in my heart,” began the Spanish point guard about his experience with the biancorossi.

“I believe in it and they have to too. They still have seven games left and with six wins they can manage to qualify. Messina is a star coach and is expressing a great game. I’m rooting for them to find them in the Final Four,” added the former Olimpia.

“I am very positive for me and Real. We have a deep team with a good mix of young talent and experienced veterans. Among the favorites I see Olympiacos well. However, I think all the teams that will enter the playoffs can have their say. However, we should not be intimidated because this club has only one goal and that is to win,” concluded Sergio Rodriguez.

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