Toto Wolff charges Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes for Jeddah

©Getty Images

Toto Wolff’s words

Toto Wolff is looking for redemption after the disappointing season opener: “Our performance in Bahrain did not live up to our expectations but this is the situation we are in and all we can do is work to try to extract the maximum potential available to us.”

“Anything can happen in motor racing, so in Jeddah we will work to maximize every aspect of our performance, chasing every point, every position and every millisecond. This weekend in Saudi Arabia we will learn more about the W14, its characteristics and its limits. It will be a very different test from Bahrain, and it will be interesting to see how the car will react. We are making some small developments to the car; they will not be real changes, but they can start to move us in the right direction. We’ll push hard to try to create good opportunities and hopefully give a better image of ourselves than in Bahrain.”

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