Marc Marquez, Guido Meda is harsh: “Great fault, mild penalty”

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A very clear stance after an incident that triggered so much criticism.

Guido Meda bluntly rejects Marc Marquez, who on the third lap of the Portuguese Grand Prix centered Miguel Oliveira forcing both to crash and retire. And in his post-race analysis at the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’, the MotoGP commentator used very harsh words towards the Honda centaur and also towards those who decided the penalty he will have to serve in Argentina.

“This day,” Meda explained to ‘Sky Sport,’ “I have to say that the biggest fault was Marc Marquez. That he started off really, really aggressive in the very first laps. Too much, I would say. And as he approached Martin who was ahead of him and Oliveira, a home rider who was also ahead of him, he really misjudged the braking. Take into account that Oliveira here in Portugal is the second most famous sportsman after Cristiano Ronaldo. To say how the Portuguese are left with it.”

So Meda wanted to explain the dynamics of the Portimao crash: “Marquez came with too much grit, too much speed. He braked, but if you exaggerate when you brake it can happen that the front wheel locks. And at that point you are forced to let go of the brakes. His bike picked up speed, first hitting Martin and effectively ruining his race, then pulling Oliveira down badly.”

“In Argentina he was given a penalty, in my opinion quite mild in relation to the strike he made,” Meda added. In fact, MotoGP decided on two long lap penalties to be served in Argentina. “Let’s say that it is not the exemplary sanction – is the opinion of the well-known commentator – If it is true, as they say and as I also think a bit, that this is a time when in motorcycling you have to moderate the ‘tigers,’ sometimes the penalties have to be exemplary. Maybe this was an occasion? It’s not my business, however, I kind of think so.”

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