Miguel Oliveira says it all: here’s how he’s doing and what he thinks of Marc Marquez

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Reassurances about his physical condition arrive, but also a jibe at his well-known colleague.

Miguel Oliveira is fine after the ruinous accident at Portimao, with Marc Marquez running him over during the third lap of the Portuguese Grand Prix. In fact, the Portuguese Aprilia rider confirmed to ‘Sky Sport’ that he did not suffer any fracture, but that he was still struggling with severe pain in his right leg. There was no lack of commentary on his Catalan colleague’s maneuver.

“My right leg hurts a little bit, but I don’t have anything broken,” Oliveira confirmed. “Considering the hit I took, this is already quite positive news. What’s more, I realized only now, watching the replay, the dynamics of the accident. And it looks like a strange accident to me.”

“Marquez launched himself while he was still too far away, and he was over the limit – was Oliveira’s judgment -. There is not much more to say, he managed to avoid Martin in a way that however forced him to center me. And I don’t think he had a technical problem, because if a rider faces brake problems then he starts braking first.”

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