Basketball, it’s Maurizio Lasi’s turn in Siena: “Engaging challenge.”

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Maurizio Lasi’s turn

Virtus Siena has announced that it has appointed Maurizio Lasi, currently head of the red and blue youth sector since 2019 and coach of the Under 15 team as well as Asciano Basket in the D series and the under 13 ascianese lineup, as first team coach.

“Basketball is a passion that has been in my blood since childhood. It has helped me grow and understand how lucky I am to continually experience new and engaging adventures,” says Stosa coach Maurizio Lasi. “Now I have been offered this new challenge. Thanks go to President Fabio Bruttini and the whole Virtus team for the trust, as well as to Asciano Basket, a club that makes you feel at home, made up of good people who came to me so that I could accept the new assignment.”

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