Luca Marini responds to controversy with fourth time

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Fourth time for Luca Marini

Riding the Ducati Desmosedici GPs of the Mooney VR46 Racing Team, Luca Marini clinched direct access to Q2 with fourth place in the combined.

“A positive day,” he said, “I am satisfied with the work done and the changes brought to the track, especially in terms of setting. I have to say that the asphalt conditions, especially in the morning, were particularly difficult to manage, also in terms of grip. We need to continue to work: I need a step on the management of the engine brake and the rear tire, at least for the long race. We changed moto 1 a lot, I didn’t feel comfortable even though the lap time is very similar to what I signed with moto 2. I don’t have confidence on the front end and the back moves a lot. It is normal that the two bikes are not identical, but it is at the same time strange that they are so different.”

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