Valentino Rossi at the 100Km of Champions: his enthusiasm at the end of the race

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The place obtained at the finish line is second, but enthusiasm is still sky-high.

After yesterday’s forced stop due to weather conditions that made the track impassable, work began at dawn today to restore optimal conditions for the 100Km of Champions. A long and careful work of the track team to ensure safety standards and optimal conditions for the show. Which in the end proved to be so, with Valentino Rossi and Luca Marini beaten only by the Bartolini/Baldassarri duo. But equally very satisfied with thesuccess of the event.

So finally begins the race day that closes the 100Km of Champions, with the warm-up in preparation for the race at 2:30 pm. In the pit box there is immediately a great desire to get on the track: the stop day increases the anticipation of the riders and the enthusiasm of the public who returned to the ranch in great numbers thanks also to the beautiful sunny day. Piadina, sandwiches, mulled wine and chestnuts, loud music, fun and entertainment.

National anthem and then off we go, the race starts with the pilots of the “yellow” group (what else…), and the rest is chronicle: competition at the highest level right from the start, and after the first two changes it is already clear which will be the pairs that will compete until the last lap for the final victory.

It’s a battle of two, between the Rossi/Marini and Bartolini/Baldassarri pairs, who eventually win the eighth edition of the 100Km of Champions. The final order of finish is therefore as follows: Bartolini/Baldassarri, Rossi/Marini, Vietti/Antonelli.

“We knew that Elia and Balda were very fast and we fought right from the start. However we finished second: it was a great weekend, and the race gets more and more competitive every year. The best way to end the season,” was Valentino Rossi’s comment at the end of the day.

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