Genoa, Alexander Blessin trashes the team: ‘They look like amateurs’

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Coach on the gridiron, but also furious with the team.

Alexander Blessin is not turning around the performance of his Genoa, defeated in Perugia on a Sunday that could prove fatal for the Grifone coach’s bench. Who, in the aftermath of the match at the Curi stadium, heavily attacked his players.

“The team had big problems, particularly on second balls. Genoa played at 80 percent of their chances, while Perugia was at 110 percent. And so it is not possible to win,” thundered Blessin. Who then went even further.

“I am disappointed with the team,” the Genoa coach explained, “I am used to always protecting my players. Right now, however, they look like amateurs.”

Genoa’s management, meanwhile, took a few hours to reflect on Blessin’s possible exoneration. The names of the possible replacement in case of exoneration are given by the Ligurian broadcaster ‘Telenord’: in addition to Aurelio Andreazzoli’s name, the first to pop up, the names of Domenico Tedesco, Roberto Stellone and Alberto Gilardino, the current coach of the Grifone’s Primavera team, also popped up during Sunday evening.

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