Tommaso Baldanzi, Empoli has clear ideas.

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“The price is made by those who ask for it.”

Fabrizio Corsi, the president of Empoli, also spoke about Tommaso Baldanzi during an intervention on Radio Sportiva. “There is interest and appreciation from several sides in Italy and abroad that certainly. However, it doesn’t matter what you do before Christmas but what matters most of all is what you do in the last 10 games, especially if we talk about prospects of playing in more important clubs. Everyone has to confirm what they have shown. It becomes decisive for us and also for them the last phase of the championship.”

“How much the boy is worth is not so much the price we can make,” he added. “The price is made by those who ask for him. If Arsenal asked us for him, that’s one thing, and anyway Arsenal didn’t ask us for him. If an Italian club that makes the Champions League asks us for it, the price will be another. We will see what prospects there will be. We, however, think we can enjoy him one more year. We think both he and Fazzini still need to complete themselves first of all from a physical point of view. It takes 24-30 months for maturation. They have been working for a year with the first team.”

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