Lecce, Falcone frames the key to getting out of the crisis

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Falcone blunt: “A goal would help us find the real Lecce”

Wladimiro Falcone spoke in a press conference about the negative moment Lecce is going through and possible solutions to get out of the crisis. “In the second half with Empoli we had an unjustifiable drop. We are struggling to find the goal and this is discouraging us a bit lately. However, we must not lose confidence in ourselves because scoring even just one goal would help us find ourselves and regain the awareness that we have lost,” said the Giallorossi extreme defender.

“The fans think we’ve kind of resigned or given up, but that’s not the case. Let’s try to help each other to get out of this negative moment as soon as possible and get back to giving satisfaction to our supporters,” Falcone added.

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