Volleyball, Fefé De Giorgi clear on Ivan Zaytsev

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Azzurri coach doesn’t close to Zaytsev’s possible return to Azzurri

In a lengthy interview with Corriere dello Sport, De Giorgi, coach of the men’s national volleyball team, addressed many hot topics, including one related to Zaytsev and his possible return to the national team (after his resounding exclusion at the World Cup).

“I don’t like to talk about individuals. But I want to say one thing: the doors to the national team are always open. Certainly the project is focused on the inclusion of young people, but the national team is never a question of age. I played my last game for Italy when I was 41 years old.” In short, words that suggest that, even for Zaytsev, the possibility of returning to the Azzurro is not ruled out a priori. Appointment for the next installment.

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