David Coulthard reveals Red Bull’s secrets

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David Coulthard’s words.

David Coulthard at Insine Line returned to talk about Red Bull and Horner in particular. “The reality is that Christian is a driver. We grew up through the British karting system, so I knew him, I had seen him progress through the various categories behind me, and I knew about his Arden team in Formula 3000, winning championships. The fact that Christian had been parachuted in as the new team principal did not bother me at all because you need someone who understands the dynamics of racing. I had no doubt that Christian had the managerial skills to run the team. But that is only part of the story. What was missing at the time was the technical skills to develop and build a really strong car.”

“His best skill? It’s his people skills. Christian is a kind man, you know exactly where you stand with him. You know what he expects and when he expects it,” Coulthard continued, “He also has a sense of humor and is understanding, which makes it so that when we are not working all the time there is a time to relax, reflect and celebrate. Some people are always hyperactive. Instead, it is precisely these, which are often overlooked, that are some of the strongest human qualities of people like Christian.”

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