Dragan Sakota wants to involve Treviso in the salvation race

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Dragan Sakota wants to involve Treviso in the salvation race

UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia hosts Nutribullet Treviso at PalaBigi on Via Guasco, with the ball at 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

“We face another game of great importance, a direct clash against a lineup that until a few weeks ago may not have been directly involved in the salvation fight, but now I’m sure they will give a great battle to not become part of the ‘group’ at the bottom of the standings again – the words of red and white coach Dragan Sakota on the eve of the game -. We come from a period where we are facing the games with great seriousness and concentration and I expect that to be the case tomorrow as well. The guys will also play for Anim, whose absence will obviously see us modify the rotation on the outside. Treviso is a team with very clear points of reference: Banks and Iroegbu in the exteriors with their talent and athleticism, Ellis under the boards with his qualities as a post-bass player. This is without underestimating the impact of many other athletes, primarily Sorokas, Faggian and Zanelli. This is a team that can do so many things well, especially the game in transition. It will not be easy, but thanks also to the energy that our public will give us we want to continue our positive series.”

The updated standings after the very heavy penalty to Varese Basketball.

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