Jeda net on Radja Nainggolan: “I expected much more.”

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Jeda net on Radja Nainggolan: “I expected much more.”

A guest on the Tutti Teorici podcast, Jeda returned to talk about his farewell to Cagliari: “I did it mainly because problems had arisen with Bisoli. I left for that reason from a team where I told myself I would finish my career. The disappointment was great, I did not accept that I had been sidelined after I had become one of the leaders of that team.”

The former Rossoblù bomber then spoke about Radja Nainggolan: “He was number one. He had a different path at Roma than at Inter, it was Spalletti who made him go there. I expected that changing air in Milan would be different, I expected much more. He had this characteristic: in training you never saw him under the weather, he was a player who went to three thousand more than the others, he had this physical characteristic; if you pull the rope too much then you pay for it and in Milan for the first time I saw him with many injuries.”

Jeda concluded his speech by talking about Massimo Cellino: “The president was not one of those who did the spectacular things to see. When he was silent though he was watching you, judging and evaluating. You know he is always watching you even if he is not talking to you.”

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